Why do we run?

We run because

we believe unapologetically in human potential

and in doggedly pursuing it,

with everything we currently are,

in order to find the true limits

of what we were created to be

and what we were created to do.

We run because

we believe that while it’s impossible to exactly pinpoint

what any group or individual’s true potential is,

it lies at the same time,

both hidden within us

waiting to be arduously dug out and refined,

and at the same time out there in the realms of the unknown,

waiting to be discovered

and daring us to try.

We run because

we believe that our potential is not static,

that the more we grow and learn and lean into our potential,

and the closer we come to realizing it,

the further it moves down the path ahead,

encouraging us on in our never-ending journey

to keep moving further inward, outward, upward and onward

in our pursuit of excellence.

And while we know the trail of progress is fraught

with challenges and obstacles

both seen and unseen,

we embrace them and this path.

We run because

we are not merely casual travelers on this journey,

waiting passively to see what life brings our way.

We believe in the value and the need

to identify, face and push through barriers in our way,

both real and imagined,

in order to move forward.

And so, we strive and train with a purposeful intent

to explore, expand and transcend

the boundaries and limits of the comfort zones

that lie in our bodies, minds and spirits,

keeping us safe within the limits of the known,

but at the same time confining us and holding us back like a prison.

We run this path in the race of our lives

to resolutely chase down our potential

believing that any adversities we face are not meant to dissuade us

but to take us to places we could not have otherwise gone

or even imagined were possible.

We believe in this worthy pursuit,

and we believe in the power of belief itself,

because when we do believe, really believe, that anything is possible,

nothing can hold us back.

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