Summer XC Training Logs 1 and 2

I know I'm a week late in getting this started, but each week throughout the summer at conditioning we'll be talking about one of the elements of character represented by the letters in the acronym CC-UP-DAT-HIIL. The first C stands for courage. The quote we looked at in the training log notebook from C.S. Lewis [...]

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Let's keep this party running! The annual Glow Run is 9pm this Friday night at Craig's Crossing Park in Lenexa. It's fun. It's for everybody (runners, friends, family...) It's easy. It's where all the cool kids will be this Friday night. You should be there too. Buy glow sticks Show up at the park at [...]

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Trivia Night is fast approaching, but there's still time to get signed up! Q: What is Trivia Night? A: Trivia Night is our annual fundraiser for the Valkyrie Running Club/SM West XC that helps us buy uniforms and pay for travel meets for the team. Teams of 8 compete in rounds of trivia and other [...]

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