2018 XC Meet 6 – Maple Leaf Classic

Two weekends in a row now that we've had almost ideal running conditions and it definitely showed in our times at the Maple Leaf Classic in Baldwin. Out of 28 SMW runners, 23 ran PR's. Not just their fastest times at Baldwin. Not just their fastest times this season. Their fastest times EVER! There's obviously [...]

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2018 XC Meet 5 – Rim Rock Farm Classic

The weather turned and it finally felt like XC season! Conditions for races were almost ideal and the West XC team took full advantage with their most complete races of the year on the beautiful but challenging Rim Rock Farm course. Almost 1/2 the team ran their fastest times of their high school careers. Next [...]

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2018 XC Meet 4 – Baldwin Invitational

It was a hot and humid day at Baldwin after a hard week of workouts, but we ran aggressive from the start of our races. We've been talking at practice the last couple weeks about the difference between racing at 5K and pacing a 5K and it was clear that we were there to race. [...]

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Scheduling App for SMW Sports

Passing along some useful info I received from the SMW Booster Club: The sunflower league/rSchool website we use to schedule games has an app that parents can download so they have quicker access to view sports schedules.   Look for the rSchool app. I downloaded it myself and it looks to be useful. Thanks, David Barth [...]

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VRC Membership and Forest Park Photos

Several photos have been uploaded to VRC already, but if you have additional photos from this past weekend in St. Louis that you'd like to share with the rest of the team, please send to:  info@valkyrierunning.com Some of you are already members of Valkyrie Running Club.  If you have not yet joined, but are considering, the [...]

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