V6-Belton (4.26.19)

Both the boys and girls teams competed well and were in the running for team championships at this meet. The distance and mid-distance groups contributed heavily to our team points highlighted by 1st place finishes from the girls 4x800 team of Emma Vielhauer, Ke'Moni Alexander, Ella Barth and Mary Humphries, Ella Barth in the 1600 [...]

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JV5-BVN (4.25.19)

As the season progresses and we get closer and closer to the limits of our potential based on our current level of fitness, PR's are harder to come by. At the beginning of the season we talked about setting "SMARTER" goals. Each letter in the word "SMARTER" stands for one aspect of an effective goal. [...]

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V5-KU RELAYS (4.19-20.19)

It was a long weekend with unusually good weather for the 2019 KU Relays. This is a very hard meet to qualify for, and provided an opportunity for our boys 4x1600 and 4x800 teams to race against some tough competition. As I told them earlier in the week, leading up to the meet - everyone [...]

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JV4 + V5-SMSD (4.17.19)

The District Championships were a combined Varsity and JV meet. Lightning in the area caused a 1 hour delay half way through the meet schedule, but we were able to come back out and finish the meet off. We didn't race as fast as lightning, but there were a lot of great improvements by both [...]

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V4-SMW (4.12.19)

The Varsity team got a break from the high winds and cold temps that JV had to deal with on Thursday and the PRs kept coming! On the boy's side we've put ourselves in position to run both the 4x1600m and the 4x800m races at KU Relays next week. This hasn't happened in several years [...]

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JV3-SMW (4.11.19)

The weather conditions were not great for this meet - cold temperatures with high winds. It's one of those things you can't control, so the lesson to take from it is this: control what you can. It may not be a set up for running a great time, but the weather is the same for [...]

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V3- Jerry Crews Invite (4.5.19)

Another strong outing for the distance squad at the Jerry Crews invite! We've had a lot to be excited about in terms of PRs so far this season which is awesome, but don't be satisfied yet. Stay hungry! There is still a lot more we can do to realize our potential as a team, but [...]

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JV2 – LHS (4.4.19)

Since our first JV meet was cancelled due to weather this was our first race of the season, and in some cases, our first track meet ever. The JV distance squad looked awesome with almost every individual runner charting one if not two PRs not the day. The work we've put in so far is [...]

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