Course Notes: Week 4

Course Notes for this week include a bunch of important announcements for events coming up both this week and next week. Open the attachment to read more. Another good way to keep up to date on daily announcements (like conditioning being cancelled last Friday due to the storm) is to text @smwestxc to 81010. The [...]

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Moonwalk (aka Glow Run)

Runners! The 2019 Moonwalk (formerly known as Glow Run) will be held at 9:00pm on 6/28 at Craig Crossing Park. Besides changing the name we've also made some slight changes to the format to transform this into a team fundraiser to help with the purchase of new uniforms (the parents knocked it out of the [...]

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Course Notes: Week 3

Week 1 and 2 are always an uphill climb in conditioning as we get back into or start training consistently for the first time ever. It's challenging and pushes us outside our comfort zones, but if we continue to be consistent what we soon find is that our comfort zones expand and allow us to [...]

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Course Notes: Week 2

We had a great start to summer conditioning last week with a good turn out, good consistency and lots of new faces. Together we began to lay the foundation on which everything else we will do this season will be built. Part of that foundation includes a new team ritual which we began last week [...]

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Course Notes: Week 1

Each week this season, we'll try to post what I'm calling our "Course Notes" - essentially updates on what's going on or coming up with the team. The notes for Week 1 have some useful information for both runners and parents on what we'll be focusing on in training, not just this week, but all [...]

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