Meet results for the Shawnee Mission West Vikings.

V Meet 10-State (5.24-25.19)

The 2019 Track season is in the books (almost - as this is written the boys 4x400 still has yet to run)! It was a crazy eventful weekend filled with transportation issues and epic storms that caused rain delays, schedule changes... that made this year's meet unlike any other. We did a good job of [...]

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V8-League (5.10.19)

We saw great competition at the Varsity League meet and saw several more season bests and PR's from the distance group. We'll need all of that and more as we head to Regionals next week at SMN. At that meet the top 4 in each event qualify for State! V Meet 8-League (5.10.19)

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JV7-Sunflower League (5.8.19)

The JV season is in the books! We competed hard at the League meet and walked away at the end of the season with several more PRs. Of particular note was Isaac Reyes in the 3200m race, in which he beat a time he'd been chasing for a couple of years at his last high [...]

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V7-SMN (5.3.19)

The North Relays mark the beginning of the Championship season. As the JV season is winding down, things are just ramping up for Varsity. North is one of the biggest and most competitive meets we go to each year and most of the teams we will see again at League and Regionals are there too, [...]

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JV7-ONW (4.2.19)

The JV and C-Teams were back at it, laying down some nice PR's towards the end of the season at the SMNW freshman meet andONW. The final JV meet of the year will be Sunflower League next Tuesday at ODAC. One last chance to meet or exceed your goals for the season! As the JV [...]

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V6-Belton (4.26.19)

Both the boys and girls teams competed well and were in the running for team championships at this meet. The distance and mid-distance groups contributed heavily to our team points highlighted by 1st place finishes from the girls 4x800 team of Emma Vielhauer, Ke'Moni Alexander, Ella Barth and Mary Humphries, Ella Barth in the 1600 [...]

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JV5-BVN (4.25.19)

As the season progresses and we get closer and closer to the limits of our potential based on our current level of fitness, PR's are harder to come by. At the beginning of the season we talked about setting "SMARTER" goals. Each letter in the word "SMARTER" stands for one aspect of an effective goal. [...]

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V5-KU RELAYS (4.19-20.19)

It was a long weekend with unusually good weather for the 2019 KU Relays. This is a very hard meet to qualify for, and provided an opportunity for our boys 4x1600 and 4x800 teams to race against some tough competition. As I told them earlier in the week, leading up to the meet - everyone [...]

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JV4 + V5-SMSD (4.17.19)

The District Championships were a combined Varsity and JV meet. Lightning in the area caused a 1 hour delay half way through the meet schedule, but we were able to come back out and finish the meet off. We didn't race as fast as lightning, but there were a lot of great improvements by both [...]

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