There’s a lot happening very quickly but slowly at the same time if that makes sense! I know there’s a lot that we’d all like to have answers to right now and we’re working to get those to you as soon as possible. There was a building level coaches meeting last week and the upcoming week will include Sunflower League, SMSD AD, VRC board and KSHSAA meetings. I’m sorry if you feel like you haven’t been getting information from us in a timely manner, but I’ve been trying to wait to send stuff out until we’ve had solid answers. That’s been a bit of a moving target. If you want to get into the weeds, there is a link to KSHSAA sport specific guideline for the fall at the bottom of this post but I’ve attempted to distill the most important need to know right now information in this week’s Course Notes below. Please read through thoroughly and let us know if you have questions/concerns. The Course Notes include some other specific links that should help you 1) be certain, 2) be prepared and 3) be awesome!

Course Notes- Week 11- 8.10-16