Parents and Athletes,

Booster Club funding is critical for us to continue to provide the support for our athletes to be successful. All SMW athletic teams are participating in a Booster Club sponsored fundraiser to minimize the impact COVID-19 has had on our funding. Season booster passes, the 2020 spring mulch sale and program ads have all been eliminated or greatly reduced resulting in an overall reduction of 75% of revenue, and we are looking to replace a portion of the funds. Booster Club funding is critical for us in acquiring uniforms and other equipment. Current senior players and parents are encouraged to participate; but by no means have to participate in this fundraiser. 


*              We will be utilizing an online donation platform to accept donations. This online donation/fund raising platform being utilized is being provided to the SMW Booster Club by David Dibella (former SMW parent) and his company. This will allow us to keep about 97% to 99% of all funds donated, as expenses are limited to credit card processing fees and minor platform fees. (Most platforms keep about 10 to 30% of the donations).  

*              Each player will need to provide 10-20 working email addresses of friends, family, and whomever else they think might like to support us!  This is a particularly good method for reaching out to out of town friends, family, etc. Athletes will likely need parents assistance in coming up with a list of at least 10 email addresses. This will be done using a web based form (link below).

Also; there are a couple of special considerations that must be taken into account: 

 *              Multi-sport athletes – SMW students that participate in multiple SMW sports may receive requests from multiple coaches. They are only required to fill out this form once. 

*              Multi-athlete families – We realize that SMW families having multiple students that participate in SMW athletics will have some unique challenges. We do encourage all athletes to still participate and each family will need to decide how to handle this situation. Options may include;

                 *              splitting up your addresses between athletes

                *              using the same list of addresses for all athletes, but notifying your contacts to split their donation evenly between children

 Please have your student athletes provide their emails at this link:<

 We would like to have these emails provided and the web forms completed by the end of the day on 1/24 if possible, so the fund raiser can be launched sometime the following week (it will run for 2 weeks, until 2/3), and the emails will be sent to all potential donors. 

 Key Links:

 Student Email solicitation Page:<

Fundraising Landing Page (you can track progress here): <

 Please let me know of any questions that you may have and thank you for all  your assistance!

 Rex Swanson