Summer Conditioning for the 2018 XC season begins 7:00am on Monday June 4th at Electric Park in Lenexa (Note: Loiret will be closed from 87th to Bourgade due to construction).  If you haven’t already signed up there’s still plenty of time to do so at the link below.

Also, for any of you wanting to make an attempt at the 400 (girls)/500 (boys) Mile Club, remember that any miles logged between June 1st and Time Trials count towards your total.  We’ll have a training journal available at conditioning for you to keep track on.

Even if you aren’t going for the full 400/500 miles, mileage run during the summer still count for points towards you letter this season. (Girls – 40 miles = 1 pt. / Boys – 50 miles = 1 pt. / 3 miles Biking – 1 mile running / 1500m Swimming = 3 miles running).