As I’m sure most of you are now aware, earlier this week the JCHDE determined that we have moved into and are currently in the RED zone with respect to our gating criteria (average % of positive COVID test over the last 14 days is greater than 10%). As a result We will not be allowed to practice after this Friday until numbers decrease and we are back in the YELLOW zone.

This is obviously discouraging and not the direction any of us wanted to be moving in at this point, but it’s what has been deemed necessary to safeguard the health of our athletes, our coaches and their families.

The other challenge here is that while we knew that this was possible/probable it does not give us any more clarity about what happens next. In fact, it creates more questions than it answers. There is a possibility that we could resume practices at some point this fall and still have some kind of XC season but there are no guarantees and no answers yet about the timeline for that and even less idea of what a season might look like than we had at the start of this week.

At the beginning of the summer we talked about how consistency would be a key to our success this season. With everything happening this year it has definitely been a challenge to maintain consistency in our training, but I do want to commend all of our runners and coaches on their dedication and determination in the face of the adversity we’ve faced. You’ve continued to show up when it’s been allowed and have even gotten the work in when we haven’t been able to train together as a full team. You’ve put in the hard work to better yourselves and our team despite the obstacles. A season is never all about the championship races that happen at the end of the year. Those are just the last page of the last chapter. The real story is about how you got to the end – the journey we’ve taken, the obstacles we’ve faced and what we did in the face of them. Whether anybody else gets a chance to see it or not this year, I’m proud of what you’ve done in the face of those obstacle to this point, and more importantly, who it’s revealed you to be as individuals and as a team.  You all have been consistently great to be around every single day and not being able to do that is the part that’s hardest about all of this. Keep hope alive, don’t despair and know this – even if we don’t end up getting to race this year, all the training and hard work you’ve put in will not have been a waste of time. It’s equipped you with a kind of resilience that will serve you well as you grow older and face the inevitable challenges that life brings.